Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Creative Writing 3

Long had I been a student of biology, in fact we are all students of biology from birth. This is what the sage taught me. I spent my childhood in my imagination, wishing to be free among the animals instead of placed into studies deemed necessary for our culture. This culture is on the cusp of great change, and it happened in a remarkably relevant way in my short life. It came to be known in the world of science that particles once considered solid facts, were transient vibrations, implied by the space or medium of vibration. The DNA code that compiled our being was in fact of this structure, lacking in true substance, able to be changed at the will of the universe into anything. If I sought to know everything, to be able to change into any form at will, my DNA could, no, would evolve into this.
In order to know it all I had to seek a non traditional form of learning. A wisdom keeper of sorts. Before setting off to the deep wilds my intention had to be very clear. Sages open up in an evident manner, sometimes they are closed and secretive. I had to be certain of my worthiness in this role to find the sage. More than that, I had to be sure it was my responsibility to attain this knowledge.
I decided the best way to manifest this was to find a tranquil spot and perform yoga, so my physical body and it's cells could hear the vibration I was calling. There are many forms and types of energy in the traditional Hindu system, and I could feel them all. I called with the voice of the big bang to bring me what was rightfully mine. I at last grasped the power many found in christian prayer.
““Notice that each layer of DNA is an ancient name of God.” The Sage said, he was not a corporeal man, but rather a disembodied presence I felt immediately close to. “Knowing that name, you will know that God's powers.” El Shaddai. The hebrew name of the Almighty, it did not do the name I heard justice. Rather its internal structure, its vowels, it's syllables, formed a physical anchor or synesthetic pictograph for the true space-time bending vibration of “All Might”. I knew the inside and outs of my biology by viewing from the perspective of our creator, and then evolved the design to its fullest potential. Although I did not die I burned with a heat far beyond what a human body should withstand, it was a psychic heat, the very energy of a supergiant star in supernova coming into my consciousness. The flame licked the subtleties down to every tip of hair on my body.
With this newfound generative force I decided to at last experience the animal body I wished to know. I slid out the doors of perception, out of my eyes, there I saw my true face like a one way mirror into the face of God. Peeling back the quantum curtain that separates cause and effect I entered a parallel dimension where I was a Lion. So elegant the curvature of this beasts spine. The four legged gait seemed to remove much of the sense of gravity, granting a weightless sprawl. I appreciated the rotation of the hips at this angle like a virgin's first time. My ears suddenly pointed and my attention snapped to a deer. Before pouncing I appreciated the carnivore intellect, waiting to pounce I calculated the trajectory of the preys flee against the probability of the trees arrangement intuitively and instantaneously. My well developed nose knew the smell of deer, and knew it like it had it already, thus this reality was sure to manifest. Oh my, oh my, did that raw flesh taste good, the way it tore through my powerful jaws. Resting after the hunt the quantum information of the Lion's cellular experience returned to my body.
With this I have gained a greater appreciation for the placement of all beings in nature. I know now that their processing minds are plugged directly into the divine will. This is the reason we all spring out of neurons, and DNA, on many layers. Forgive me if what I have recorded herein makes little sense, but this creative writing prompt was as loose as the wave-particles that hold our physical perceptions together.

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