Monday, February 17, 2014

The Source of Consciousness, Universally and Individually

Based on observation of Electromagnetism emanating from the edges of the universe our current visible universe is believed to be 13.7 Billion years old. This is known from the phenomenon of redshift, where light-particles or photons moving away from an observer will appear to have less energy or be shifted towards the red end of the visible light spectrum in human sight.
For more on this phenomenon see here.

My theory is that outside or the limit to this visible universe is a type ofobserver or eye that is actually looking back in on this universe. This is the original unlimited nature of pure awareness, before limited by dualistic constraints like Electromagnetism, or Gravity, or Density. The light particles here have escaped this duality and have become "spiritual" light rather than photons, thus they are actually the guiding force or pulls upon the light particles observed in this visible universe. This also explains how the universe accelerates in expansion despite big bang theory suggesting an original limit that should cause the slowing of the visible universe. Our whole universe still is within a singularity.

Now that we have an explanation for consciousness as a property of the universe, we can explain how it arises in the individual human body. If Light is connected to infinite creator/awareness who is pulling the strings of destiny with photons, what role do photons play in the human and how is creator/awareness arises? Within the Brain our neurons constantly use EM to fire axons and pass electrochemical signals to the synapse. This creates a brain wave across both hemispheres of the brain along the electromagnetic spectrum. At the center of all the neural signals and brainwaves, as well as the light being brought in from the eyes and any other possible light reflecting through the body from cellular interaction is the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a cone shaped sac filled with pinealocytes which are a type of retinal or seeing cell. It is also directly in contact with cerebrospinal fluid which carries all the brains hormones. The Pineal gland then uses melatonin levels to stay awake or go to sleep. There is at least one other mystical function I must propose. Being at the center of the brain and top of the spine the perception that occurs in here makes the individual humans "light body" or "self-image" gathered from the time of day, people around, and current homeostasis vibrat against the background light from the big bang. The creator within linked to the infinite creator, a place beyond the very perception of limit itself.

The EM brainwave created by the dilobes of the brain resonates against the pineal chamber, creating a polar vortex that draws in the subtler current of light emanating from the big bang, pure EM, the original frequency of all energy that is prenatal to the limit of density.

This is the major locus of awareness for the quantum phenomenon of consciousness in the human brain. This is the explanation for the third eye and the visions it has inspired human artists with throughout the ages. This explains internal alchemy and its metaphor of refining and noticing the very subtle movements of energy. That light within us is the other side of the visible universe, of perception itself, it is the eye of the universes expansion.  This is the Soma, or Heavenly Nectar that drips into every body. I heard this when I listened.

As for that which is outside the visible universe, I cannot see that far yet. Will you help me?

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