Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Creative Writing for Naropa University

Hey just thought I would share some of my Creative Writing I've been doing for school. There is an overarching theme of nonduality, spirituality, and fractal transcendence.

This is the first one, and it actually happened during my practice.

I am back home on break from contemplative education. Now in the quiet relaxation and atmosphere of familiar faces the teachings sink in. My ego has burst I find, for the ability of observing myself through the projection of my friend's thoughts has been disabled. Especially my perception of that one in the red coat. He leaves me no curiosity, no corner of mind unseen.
The usual routine we all follow, finish our cigarettes then get out of the “fucking cold.” They're all over at my house so there should be nothing to stand in the way of that objective naturally. As my friends proceeded into my house some dawning of insight slowed me. I need a moment away from them, or red coat, or from the image I hold of myself in their presence. That which I once called “me” would change forever, as all things do.
It is fucking cold. I love it. The cold air breathes deep within and cleanses my lungs of tar. I become so empty and pure the breeze blows me into my front yard. Even through these shoes I can feel the chill of snow. Ever weightless and softer I must be. Allowing the cold to fuse with my veins and naturally slow all rhythms of energy. My mind will stir neither for the pain of cold or fear of losing breath. This is my moment. The cold wind runs it's fingernails up my skin then whispers in my ear, our name. The Tai Chi (means supreme ultimate.)
I begin the form without beginning, for it has always been in motion. I am only bringing my awareness to the subtlest of flows. The mysterious, the gateway to all that is subtle and wonderful. That very force that animates atomic forces is the same soul that I am. The same reason life exists at all is it's cause and destiny.
Emptiness in my mind and body pushes my consciousness beyond the limit of the visible universe. That emptiness I become echoes the harmony of the formed world. The Moment. The Qi.
At the deepest level of my ancestral karma, my mental pursuits, my cellular intentions, my immortal spirit I find it. What have I incarnated for? The Tao. That is all I am anymore. What cosmic force propels me to stroke the tail of the sparrow of eternity, in weather no sane human should be at peace in?
The ego of my mortal self chimes in with its suggestion to leave the cold. I transmute this idea by feeling the fear of death by cold against my fingertips. The pure life force of my immortal fingertips, rubbing against the sweeping frost of this concept of death. Each breath synchronizes the magnetism of the cells and nerves to accomplish the Tai Chi form with an elder's grace. I can feel the cold emptiness of Tao exhaling my last mortal breath. There is nothing lost when doubt is overcome forever. Fearlessness.
The ancestors within my loins are pleased the alchemy they so delicately cared for has accepted it's role as Tao. By the virtuous way of universal harmony the Immortality has come to be. It seems impossible chances and yet it happens because I choose for it. I renew my Bodhisattva vow to the Earth. I know when this body has accomplished it's Earth chosen, but heaven fueled mission I will return to tranquility within my impermanent cellular body. As my consciousness takes it's last journey through the neurons of this human treasure it will find itself reunited with the subtlest physical thing. The Breath. The Breath I will exhale will be that Immortal breath the Tao has protected. By the glory of the mysterious I will find something even more subtle and wonderful.
Back in my human body know, the visions and voices have calmed. A graceful aura of fresh chi moves along me. Returning into my house I find something that would terrify most mortals. Upon my the pads of my fingertips is literal Ice. I ask my friend to hold it, and he says it is cold but will be normal again soon. When he again senses it as “normal” I still feel as though it is frozen. This sensation remained for a day but the energy remains permanently altered. Some piece of nondual consciousness has been frozen into my fingertips. I know now I am a successful alchemist, and this is the story of the night I crystallized the spiritual experience into my hands forever.

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