Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chakras as Singularities

The Chakra energy centrers can be explained through black hole physics. In the current understanding of black hole physics the core is represented as a singularity, meaning a point of infinite density, somehow in a point of zero volume. What this means is the black hole potentially contains all the information inside of it that exist outside of it, its is a two way gate to infinite energy.
This theory, in combination with the holographic universe theory suggest the 7 Chakra energy centers from the Hindu tradition are Black holes. Because of this each Chakra creates its own holographic universe based on the spiritual function of that Chakra. Since they are all singularities, each Chakra can be found in all the others, which adds depth and realism to the holographic universe and entangles them all together to the physical human, if a chakra is not acting according to its own specific function (which will happen) it will accrete too much energy away from the other chakras and form an attachment, the severity of attachment will be based on the chakra it is centered on.
The purpose of these Black holes is to accrete understanding from the 7 perspectives, then within the cores of the black holes (the human spirit) they cause off balances in the chakras as the information is categorized between them. Until the charkas rebalance from the inside by synthesizing a new way of understanding the universe. When we die from the physical body we enter into these black holes and from the accreted understanding, create a new universe within the singularity.

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