Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What is Unity?

The flower of life, showing a central unity expanding through duality (the slit eye pattern) to further unity centers.

I have used the term unity a lot but I realize this may not make sense to everyone as it does to me. You see, even my explanation of what unity is creates separation from unity, yet I am doing it to teach and further bring awareness of unity to all. Unity is simply everything, and you can use this to expand your consciousness. When you remove the duality in your thoughts like yourself and the world, yourself and your friends, religion and science, or everything from nothing truly you have become unified.
Of course knowing this is not everything, that is still duality, it is feeling, getting past the duality of brain and body, or mind and spirit. Let go of trying to understand unity, Then you can truly embody it. This is a metaphor or even direct teaching in many religions.
 Perhaps the most relevant example is the christian bible. There is nothing, from nothing comes the first distinction of god or spirit, god creates light, and as a result darkness is implied. Lucifer was considered the angel next to seeing in terms of god, because he is duality. Lucifer has all the power of god to create and he does so by going farther and farther from god to see all possibilities.
The only distinction of Lucifer from god is Lucifer's ignorance that he is one with god and this is how unity creates by separating from itself and returning to unity. Even God and Lucifer are not a duality, they are one, they are the necessary paths of creation for us to become enlightened in our modern age. Lucifer represents many things, you could say he is the ego (image of separateness), or craving, the darkness within all of us, the unseen, the trickster, and truly the source of suffering.
Suffering is actually a gift that allows for you to truly appreciate your blessings, and it is drive for something better, when you realize even suffering and pleasure are one, as all things are, then your awareness can only grow.

"We cast doubt on the man who claims oneness with god because we have forgotten we are one with that man."

"The devil plays a sweet fiddle, because it is still Gods music."

'God is without limit, neither unity nor multiplicity, beyond duality yet hiding within it."

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