Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Change

Would you like to live a harmonious life of happiness from within, a happiness that never falls because it is created to your liking? I'm not talking about conquering material wealth, I mean becoming your own creator, because we truly are in the times. We are led to believe our creation is ruled by dualities, polar opposites locked in battle, but this is not the truth. We live in a world of dualities that needs US to connect them, not be held in their sway. This is a separation we feed and it is often known as ego. When we get over the duality of our brain, the craving, the ignorance, the attachment is when we can live as connected to eternal energy, connected to the heart. This is not a mere spiritual message, it is quite scientifically based. If we live in equanimity, never locked into bad emotion then it benefits our immune system, our eating habits, our sleep patterns, and everything in our DNA. For DNA is the result of all creation, becoming something that can see itself! DNA is the scientific proof we all embody the spirit and truly all of creation within us, simply because it's a possibility in DNA's self-construction that can be imagined and embodied through unity! Have no fear in these times, fear brings doubt, and doubt is the only limitation. Be thankful for the suffering of all those before you, by realizing that their acts were for the realization of ultimate bliss! This is the pattern of creation, God falling through duality to see all possibilities.

"Do you want to be one with god, or does he want to be one with all?"

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