Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Message

For those expecting 2012 to come give them consciousness awakening will not see it realized. You must take an active role in that creation. You must tune into unity, the answer is within yourself as weighed against all things. Realizing man as the bringer of unity, the creator, especially in these times is earth within heaven, immortality, the tao, the true self, the philosophers stone, that can learn to laugh at the ego and make all the suffering gold. We chose to become limited to become enlightened, awareness of this is how to continue your bio-spiritual evolution, but do not trust me, weigh my words against all things in creation, for that is their source. 
2012 is a test to see if mankind is worthy of the process of awakening, right now there are tons of information, conspiracies, and enlightenment teachings online all claiming to be the one, but this is not how things are. These are more tests of duality to see if you can look through the teaching and salvage the good, for all theories hold some truth.

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