Thursday, September 27, 2012


Enlightenment, Nirvana, Liberation, the bliss brought by the cessation of suffering. Truly this is something we create. Just as we are the creators of our own suffering we are the creators of our own realization. We create the suffering to lead to enlightenment. However, if you create a lie, you suffer. Part of enlightenment is knowing that enlightenment is just as illusory as transient material.
Remember the bodhisattva, the noble one, the supremely enlightened being who chooses to stay limited until every consciousness that ever was through all time is enlightened. Then, remember that this is you.

"To see enlightenment in ones own self is to see it in everything."

"If everything is temporary then so is death."

"There is great meaning within these words because there is great meaning outside of them."

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