Thursday, July 3, 2014

Further Explorations on the Structure of Universe

Prerequisitie to efficiently understanding this material comes from the new formula for empty space in calculating quantum radii as found by Nassim Haramein:

  1. The geometry of the universe is that of 2 fibonacci spirals extending infintely and exponentially farther apart and closer together, creating a dual torsion field. These spirals are individually known as yin and yang, and there is a point at there center called the wu wei that is pure emptiness where they can never touch. Thus the expansion of the spirals is forever lead into the mystery known as the tao. These countering waves of the torus structure of the universe could be conceived of as life, thr outward motion into existence, and death, the return of the spirit to source.

    1. The origin of the universe is that of a single proton radius object with an infinite density (like a black whole), due to everything having an equal and opposite reaction this also created an infinte non-density or emptiness exploding outward. This proton is the boundary condition of our current visible universe.

3. As every particle observed contains an infinitely large vacuum of possibility within itself, more variation possibility emerges as the boundary conditions iterate downward further like a fractal, whilst still communicating to the higher level iterations through the vaccum.

4. All fractal iterated levels of matter exist as Consciousness that is chaotic and self-organized into various boundary conditions until solidity is rendered from the infinite unknowable expansions into something capable of holding perception like a black whole holds light which cannot escape that boundary of that black wholes event horizon. Due to our neurotransmitters and their constituent atoms being black wholes as well, they vibrate boundary conditions that communicate with the boundary conditions of the human body, and outer universe through the emptiness. As if the human Nervous system is creating boundary conditions around pure consciousness( the vaccum), that amplify its experience of this iteration.

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