Monday, November 19, 2012


Does your consciousness feel as though it comes from this time and space?
Or from somewhere beyond where you can think?
Is it a connection to the source of all?
That's the great part of being a person.
You get to decide.


  1. I went to see if you replied, and decided again about no longer communicating with you. Agreed that the best part of living is to be able to experience. Personally I have the belief there is no "source", because if there is infinite time then there are infinite causes (what made the source?). Some claim that there is a reincarnation system and we are able to recollect memories from our past lives, but I have not expirienced the reincarnation system yet and since there cannot be a source that reincarnation system is not "beyond where you can think" and will end. There is only one complete infinity because if there is something that is not in the complete infinity then the infinity is not complete, so we must have come from "this time and space". It is true that we are able to experience differently and I believe that is the best part of being alive, but the best experience is happiness and being able to grasp the fullest happiness will only come from understanding correctly (being a buddha). There is an old expression, I believe, that we "all start on a different edge of a wheel and only once we are at the center (which is where all the spokes, or truths, come together) we will be buddhas. Also, I felt unsafe with you calling yourself one with a great spirit because (before reading your most recent post) I thought that you literally thought that a "perfect being" was acting on you specifically, therefore making you a perfect being. When one runs religious internet blogs without revealing their name it is acceptable until they call themselves perfect beings! If that was what you thought then it wouldn't be long until you were murdering evil things in the name of the perfect one! Now I know you are using a symbol and that even if you did have that notion you would have to have much experience with a computer to attack me through the internet (viruses, unruly posting, rumor spreading, ect.).

  2. the source already is, perhaps consciousness is the mirror existing in the now that allows all the energy to realize itself and create what it needs to come into being. A source that wills itself into existence. My interpretation of reincarnation is that everything in existence is my past life, yet the symbols I resonate with as an individual I call my past lives because I can truly put myself in that perspective. It doesn't matter if you actually lived the past life or it it's just an imagination, because your imagination is built off the experience of all existence and what you aspire or hope or wish to be (or have been) is what shapes you.
    My name is James Tien, I do not doubt I am in touch with atman because if this is the case I would not suffer the judgement of someone who doubts this. everything is a mirror including you.

  3. As for the Tao,
    It is the way,
    Because it makes us all to see itself in a different way

  4. I would like to understand these statements more fully.

    "As for the Tao,
    It is the way,
    Because it makes us all to see itself in a different way"
    A way can be without being recognized. And if it is a "way" then how does it make anything happen? A way can be categorized as a set of concepts that we use to guide ourselves. There can be concepts that are based in reality and concepts that can not be based in reality. I thought the Tao could be defined as -the collection of truthful concepts (those based in reality)-, but the way you describe your understanding of it is foreign to me and I'd like to understand them.

    "the source already is, perhaps consciousness is the mirror existing in the now that allows all the energy to realize itself and create what it needs to come into being. A source that wills itself into existence."
    Already is what? What we have conceived about "energy" recently has proven that energies are just extremely small particles that are able to move quickly because they are too small to bump into much. This is further proof that there is infinite depth to and object(piece of a piece of a piece ect.) as well that their is no alternate force that escapes being wholly.
    We have learned that the soul of an animal is made up of electrical and chemical energy that allows the animal to want. (It has been developed over many millions of years to be able to want things it considers beneficial to itself and avoid things detrimental. We are lucky to have these souls)
    It is contradictory to say that something that is not in existence wills. It is proven that there is infinite past and infinite future, as well as infinite depth and infinite space. These four infinities together I call Dharma. These truths are the everything and what we use to see to conceptualize truth (see the Tao, which is only in existence within our minds and is therefore infinite).
    This very night I figured it out - There is literal re-incarnation. Ages past within infinity there must have been a great civilization of buddhas. They must have recognized that there demise was coming soon, so to make the path to buddhahood easier for the next life-forms they set up a reincarnation system and through their great buddha minds made it so that it could last through most calamities, such as big bangs. This would mean that with all this time left to them the new souls would be able to produce a buddha very efficiently, who would stop the system until it thought that buddha civilization would come to an end.
    If you spot a problem with my logic please let me know. Thank you for continuing to communicate with me although I may have offended you with my detrimental extreme caution with people on the internet. I do hope for your happiness. I would tell you my name out of compassion and courtesy, but I was forbidden to.

  5. The tao has no meaning and all meanings, maybe the force that creates everything has no meaning either, so it descends into all forms of human experience to create a meaning for it's self, to have the free will to decide if it has a destiny. The source already is being and non being. Remember that there is no truth, do not attach to any lens of seeing the world/ the self but compare all possibilities. It is possibility that allows this universe to be at all. Don't take what I say as an explanation, it is an interpretation of the oneness.