Saturday, December 8, 2012


In Hinduism, there is a concept known as Purusha. Purusha is the original self that pervades the universe. Purusha does not know who he is, so he descends into the multitude of forms and densities to find himself. This is you, you are an aspect of Purusha finding himself in a new way. This is who I am as well, I am reflecting upon the Purusha in all existence and have found it is my self. Other people, other objects are only new ways to see yourself.

To tie this to 2012, we are expecting a tremendous burst in novelty on the 21st. Novelty is Purusha reflecting on what has been conceived of before and springing off of that into new possibilities. Since you are Purusha, anything your consciousness can conceive of is a possible reality. I do believe this is what original Christians meant when saying Man is created in the image of god. He is creator spirit, only his own perception of limit can get in his way.

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