Thursday, November 8, 2012

Easy steps to Enlightenment

The road to enlightenment is always easy if you have patience and the will to give up ignorance. With that said I have some tools that will quickly renew your enlightenment.

1. Ask yourself, what is my idea of Enlightenment?
2. Ask yourself, What am I attaining if I become Enlightened, what is my desire for it?
3. Ask yourself, what is my idea of oneness?
4. Listen for the answers.


  1. Very interesting. I disagree with the idea that there is duality at all. Do you call yourself Paramatman because you wish to emulate him? And also, my parents are highly concerned with the amount of killing in your videos. I agree with them that looking at the world that way is no good, even if you look at it that way for entertainment. My idea of enlightenment is understanding everything. I originally was trying to do this with conscious thought, but you showed me a new way. Even if we do understand everything we are still mu. We should not try to be everything but try to mold everything, including ourselves, into being the most beneficial towards happiness as possible, because only one part of everything that is mu can feel happiness and is therefore the only good thing. It is interesting to see all the quotes you have from multiple faiths, but it may be quite offensive for a believer in the god to hear you're quoting him as what he is believed not to be(I am not a believer of the god). Buddhism is rationally and purposefully searching for happiness. Even if the one we know as buddha did not call himself a buddhist, he was by definition, a buddhist (I personally do not think any known human was fully enlightened, or else we would ALL be buddhas by now). After reading the different articles you have posted I believe it would be beneficial to have a large summary of all you have learned of the path to happiness. I also disagree that there is a spirit of all creation (unless you use the word spirit as a replacement for truth or idea) because a spirit of all creation would have to be first and all encompassing. We are in an infinity that has no begining (what made/caused the spirit), has infinite depth (What is the spirit made of), infinite space (what is beyond the spirit), and is without and end (what will the spirit cause/make?).

  2. Those videos are very old. Almost every quote on here is actually original. That is creation spirit, every act of conscious form leads to creation of something. There is no end, it is an ever expanding pattern from a source of oneness. (likely existing outside dimensions we can perceive as form) The Flower of life is a way to look at this. Paramatman is the purest self that only watches, and I have been one with it.

  3. You do not only watch because you talk to me now. Also it is no good to only watch because you can contribute to the ever expanding pattern. This will be the last I say because I feel unsafe with you calling yourself something like that. Thank you again, I wish you beneficial outcomes to your meditation.

  4. Hmm, great power in images and symbols. Do not let them betray you. If you feel unsafe you must come to the real source of why that is.