Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Definitions of Enlightenment

1. To reflect only true compassion and wisdom like a mirror can only reflect the light. (The mirror also does not attach to an idea of itself)

2. A being who frees themselves of their unneeded suffering and the poisons of the common man. (Attachment, Ignorance, Fear, Ego)

3. A being who understands the interconnectedness and underlying reality of all phenomena by realizing how it has created their own self realization.

4. A being who sees through the fundamental uncertainty duality creates. Seeing through all the maya (illusion) that suggest distinction and separation of observer, and identification to an image of the mind. Zen awareness. (Unity, Nonduality, Everything, Nothing, Emptiness, Formless)

5. A being of complete balance and none doubtfulness who offers teaching of dharma so they may learn from their teaching in action. (Sometimes simplifying their own understanding to gain insight from their student.)

6. To have complete awareness of the way energy flows to themselves and everyone around them and through all things. Unity Consciousness. Understanding everything works on a principle like that of light, what you reflect is reflected back to you. If you absorb to much light (Attach to greatly to an image of yourself) you might get burned or explode. (Anger, Anxiety) When the light is shining bright it reveals the way.

7. A being who has awareness of all these things but does not attach to them and constantly seeks greater awareness.

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