Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Many have heard of the sacred science, but have little idea of what it actually involved. Turning base metal into gold right? Yes, but is this actually a code for a practice of attaining a perfect self? Look at it like this, to an enlightened person, any base metal can be seen as gold. They are in touch with oneness, they have refined their metals into the philosopher's stone. From that point on everyone they touch is given Golden light of awareness.

This is what everything is, everything is already the highest idea of perfection if you can create it to be that way.  Almost every religious teaching I know of is a metaphor or has metaphors that show a path to this goal. To the Taoists, they called it the Golden Elixir. To attain this you must merge the five elements. These could be labeled as Fire (Spirituality), Water (Emotion), Air (Mentality), Earth (Physicality), and Akasha (Ether, Beyond label). Then these are refined and merged into the state of Yin (Feminine, Negative, Soft) and Yang (Positive, Masculine, Firm). Even Yin and Yang become one with the body and spirit, because the body/spirit is no longer limited to the belief that these elements are separate. This is attaining the Golden Elixir, made of Tao. Once attained, the elixir must always be refined as Yin and Yang continue to try and divide.

There are even simpler ways to look at Alchemy. The base metal is your ego, ego is taunted. If attached to your ego it brings suffering. Alternatively, you can laugh at the ego. The energy that would be suffering becomes pleasure and awareness.

Most simply and definitively, Alchemy is transmuting all energies (which is everything) into wisdom of your true self. This will always be your decision, your gift, your free will to change that energy into what you see it as. If more people did this, there would be individuation for the self and evolution of the collective.

Can Alchemy make you immortal? Most likely not your physical human body. It can definitely make it last longer. Can your spirit and consciousness become immortal? Once you have attained the stone they already are.

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