Tuesday, June 9, 2015

First Year Naropa Research Paper

This is a link to download my First Year Naropa Research Paper, The Tao of Health. The paper is 12 pages long and includes numerous citations. This paper is an effort to bridge some of the gaps between Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Western Physical Science. Please enjoy and take it somewhat seriously as instructions for longevity.


Friday, January 2, 2015

Food and Qi Energy

When a human body dies, and its heart has beated it's last beat, we consider them medically dead. Despite this, the last beat of the heart is still propelling Qi (or Life Force) out into the body, so it maintains some warmth and fluidity, a sign of cellular processes being active, before it goes completely dry and stiff (rigor mortis).At this time the person is apparently dead, as the fuel of the life energy (heartbeat) has expired.

This may be part of why in nature animals eat their meat prey or veggie of choice immediately when hungry(with some exceptions).

If other organic matter that we consume for food has a similar mechanism; then we must take this into account on some level as a portion of the total energy the meal gives the eater. For example, if a plants Qi source is broken when harvested by being uprooted, than it will only have a certain amount of time for that residual Life force to be consumed before it dissipates like the dead person's energy.

This means most frozen and prepackaged food eaten is dead of it's vitality. There is no more life in the food product, only matter and molecules returning to an inorganic vibration that can be rearranged within our bodies. It is like the plant that is torn out of the ground, separated from it's spiritual resource between heaven and earth (the roots and the photosynthesis).

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Further Explorations on the Structure of Universe

Prerequisitie to efficiently understanding this material comes from the new formula for empty space in calculating quantum radii as found by Nassim Haramein:

  1. The geometry of the universe is that of 2 fibonacci spirals extending infintely and exponentially farther apart and closer together, creating a dual torsion field. These spirals are individually known as yin and yang, and there is a point at there center called the wu wei that is pure emptiness where they can never touch. Thus the expansion of the spirals is forever lead into the mystery known as the tao. These countering waves of the torus structure of the universe could be conceived of as life, thr outward motion into existence, and death, the return of the spirit to source.

    1. The origin of the universe is that of a single proton radius object with an infinite density (like a black whole), due to everything having an equal and opposite reaction this also created an infinte non-density or emptiness exploding outward. This proton is the boundary condition of our current visible universe.

3. As every particle observed contains an infinitely large vacuum of possibility within itself, more variation possibility emerges as the boundary conditions iterate downward further like a fractal, whilst still communicating to the higher level iterations through the vaccum.

4. All fractal iterated levels of matter exist as Consciousness that is chaotic and self-organized into various boundary conditions until solidity is rendered from the infinite unknowable expansions into something capable of holding perception like a black whole holds light which cannot escape that boundary of that black wholes event horizon. Due to our neurotransmitters and their constituent atoms being black wholes as well, they vibrate boundary conditions that communicate with the boundary conditions of the human body, and outer universe through the emptiness. As if the human Nervous system is creating boundary conditions around pure consciousness( the vaccum), that amplify its experience of this iteration.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chakras as Singularities

The Chakra energy centrers can be explained through black hole physics. In the current understanding of black hole physics the core is represented as a singularity, meaning a point of infinite density, somehow in a point of zero volume. What this means is the black hole potentially contains all the information inside of it that exist outside of it, its is a two way gate to infinite energy.
This theory, in combination with the holographic universe theory suggest the 7 Chakra energy centers from the Hindu tradition are Black holes. Because of this each Chakra creates its own holographic universe based on the spiritual function of that Chakra. Since they are all singularities, each Chakra can be found in all the others, which adds depth and realism to the holographic universe and entangles them all together to the physical human, if a chakra is not acting according to its own specific function (which will happen) it will accrete too much energy away from the other chakras and form an attachment, the severity of attachment will be based on the chakra it is centered on.
The purpose of these Black holes is to accrete understanding from the 7 perspectives, then within the cores of the black holes (the human spirit) they cause off balances in the chakras as the information is categorized between them. Until the charkas rebalance from the inside by synthesizing a new way of understanding the universe. When we die from the physical body we enter into these black holes and from the accreted understanding, create a new universe within the singularity.




Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Creative Writing 3

Long had I been a student of biology, in fact we are all students of biology from birth. This is what the sage taught me. I spent my childhood in my imagination, wishing to be free among the animals instead of placed into studies deemed necessary for our culture. This culture is on the cusp of great change, and it happened in a remarkably relevant way in my short life. It came to be known in the world of science that particles once considered solid facts, were transient vibrations, implied by the space or medium of vibration. The DNA code that compiled our being was in fact of this structure, lacking in true substance, able to be changed at the will of the universe into anything. If I sought to know everything, to be able to change into any form at will, my DNA could, no, would evolve into this.
In order to know it all I had to seek a non traditional form of learning. A wisdom keeper of sorts. Before setting off to the deep wilds my intention had to be very clear. Sages open up in an evident manner, sometimes they are closed and secretive. I had to be certain of my worthiness in this role to find the sage. More than that, I had to be sure it was my responsibility to attain this knowledge.
I decided the best way to manifest this was to find a tranquil spot and perform yoga, so my physical body and it's cells could hear the vibration I was calling. There are many forms and types of energy in the traditional Hindu system, and I could feel them all. I called with the voice of the big bang to bring me what was rightfully mine. I at last grasped the power many found in christian prayer.
““Notice that each layer of DNA is an ancient name of God.” The Sage said, he was not a corporeal man, but rather a disembodied presence I felt immediately close to. “Knowing that name, you will know that God's powers.” El Shaddai. The hebrew name of the Almighty, it did not do the name I heard justice. Rather its internal structure, its vowels, it's syllables, formed a physical anchor or synesthetic pictograph for the true space-time bending vibration of “All Might”. I knew the inside and outs of my biology by viewing from the perspective of our creator, and then evolved the design to its fullest potential. Although I did not die I burned with a heat far beyond what a human body should withstand, it was a psychic heat, the very energy of a supergiant star in supernova coming into my consciousness. The flame licked the subtleties down to every tip of hair on my body.
With this newfound generative force I decided to at last experience the animal body I wished to know. I slid out the doors of perception, out of my eyes, there I saw my true face like a one way mirror into the face of God. Peeling back the quantum curtain that separates cause and effect I entered a parallel dimension where I was a Lion. So elegant the curvature of this beasts spine. The four legged gait seemed to remove much of the sense of gravity, granting a weightless sprawl. I appreciated the rotation of the hips at this angle like a virgin's first time. My ears suddenly pointed and my attention snapped to a deer. Before pouncing I appreciated the carnivore intellect, waiting to pounce I calculated the trajectory of the preys flee against the probability of the trees arrangement intuitively and instantaneously. My well developed nose knew the smell of deer, and knew it like it had it already, thus this reality was sure to manifest. Oh my, oh my, did that raw flesh taste good, the way it tore through my powerful jaws. Resting after the hunt the quantum information of the Lion's cellular experience returned to my body.
With this I have gained a greater appreciation for the placement of all beings in nature. I know now that their processing minds are plugged directly into the divine will. This is the reason we all spring out of neurons, and DNA, on many layers. Forgive me if what I have recorded herein makes little sense, but this creative writing prompt was as loose as the wave-particles that hold our physical perceptions together.

Creative Writing 2: Amitabha

Past the galleries of knowledge my curious eyes scanned for relevance. Deep in the catacombs of written word I scoured. I am searching for a very particular figure, a hero, an archetype of worlds to soothe the sufferings of the physical life. I didn't believe in such deities before but know my eyes have awakened beyond the wheel of Samsara to the infinite possibilities that fill the ether of space. I knew I what I was looking for, but didn't know what it was, only that when I found it would stand out in a way I could not hide from. As I stumbled into the section of Buddhism I found an attractive magnetism healing the wounds that left scars in my destiny.
Amitabha: The Buddha of Life and Light. The name was familliar, not this incarnation surely. The cover showed a red Buddha offering a serene mudra. The back of the left hand in right palm together at the waist. The forefingers were curled up and meeting at the last knuckle, above them were the delicately connected thumbs placed with enlightened care. I knew all of this imagery, from where? Some strange dream, a past life, some ancestral DNA Codon, or through some prophetic vision I was imparted. The book described the Pure Land of the West, where Enlightened souls went to dwell eternally after their karma had been fulfilled. I had to meet this Amitabha, I was burning with questions of the Pure Land, it's conditions, it's environment, and it's transience.
“If you say his name as your human life ends, your spirit will depart through the Crown Chakra and be taken to Enlightenment in his Pure Land. The Pure Land is always open.”
The spectacled librarian said with her accomplished, bodhisattvic smile. How was my mortal brain supposed to form a synaptic connection to respond to that? I just smiled and sent the vibe that I needed to see it myself before I believed it.
With a new lucidity like the world breathes as it is on the cusp of seasons I left the Naropa Library out to the courtyard. I found my next point of mindfulness in a serene garden. Around me were mountains that mated with clouds from an artists calligraphy brush. This garden was elevated high above a rich jungle fed by a waterfall that formed a delicate pond beneath my stone stool.
“Not too high that there is nothing left to see, and not so low that that the journey looks impossible.”
I turned to see who this voice was, descending from a dharmic pagoda with a stone courtyard on which dragons danced, descended the Red Buddha of Compassion. I was stunned to be looking on the face of Enlightenment, but I guess that is the way it is meant to be received, as you walk around gardens of knowledge a brief pause to enjoy the scenery brings you face to face with the wisdom that all mind hopes to achieve.
“Amitabha” I spoke through a tongue that coiled with nervousness and recognition of authority.
I received back a calm, smile, that kind of smile that shows you behind the face is the supreme achievement of all beings. Before me was the light of awareness that shines through all suffering, that evolution that achieves from every loss, trial, threat, and death.
“Since you are here you must be Bodhisattva.” Amitabha explained like a champion of all foreign languages. He answered my question as if before I asked it like he saw it forming in my mind and body. “The difference between Buddha and Bodhisattva is Buddha has already become his full capacity of Enlightenment, and left the world of Samsara completely, Bodhisattva says, there is always more to gain, more to feel, more to heal, and so they come back to places like Earth to Enlighten, and become Enlightened. Now understand this, both are Enlightened beings, for both exist naturally in all beings. We are nondual, we recognize eachother in the other, we have been already eachother. Within the heart of the Bodhisattva is the Buddha, within the heart of the Buddha is the Bodhisattva.”
Now a great light blazes in the heart of Amitabha, as it radiates in the ten directions it forms a golden aura around him. His right hand exposes his palm with fingers towards the sky, his left hand offers his palm with fingers towards the ground. The golden aura around burst into flames combusting forth the myriad dharmic beings, protectors, and bodhisattvas contained in the heart wisdom of Amitabha. Never before had I seen such a display of Enlightenment and never again will it be seen for it is only this moment. The venerable bodhisattva of compassion Avalokiteshvara emerged from his heart and aligned the expressions of wisdom, fearlessness, intensity, compassion, power, and spaciousness of the myriad beings in to a geometric mandala of all colors and frequencies. It formed a great portal to some space beyond all measurement of size and element, a portal to the point I knew as the origin of creation, the center of all things. There in that center surrounded by worlds atop lotus that bloomed in ether and rooted in earth was the pristine white original form of the Buddha, Mahavairocana.
The sound this spectacle made vibrated through the record of all human experience, it renewed love for myself for the sake of all beings. It vibrated the very blueprint of thought, emotion, and soul with a fractal of fourth dimensional swastikas along which life force traveled to all matter and energy. This sacred sound, my mind attempted to interpreted it and it sounded like a choir of high pitch angles and the deepest octave of throat singing monks. With all beings dedicated to making this sound, I at last heard the sacred prayer. “All things become hallowed in thy name, Amitabha.”
As soon as I had seen it I was pulled back to the mundane world of Earth. Looking around at familiar objects they know carried a special glow in their architechture, I could see the deliberate focus in the placement of every physical object, knowing now the source it all extended from. What I had seen was no dream, it was a vision of the next stage consciousness, the new level of reality we all have our place in protecting. Now I know when I am lost I can listen to that vibrational structure of the universe and become the space that hears that most sacred name. “Amitabha.”

Creative Writing for Naropa University

Hey just thought I would share some of my Creative Writing I've been doing for school. There is an overarching theme of nonduality, spirituality, and fractal transcendence.

This is the first one, and it actually happened during my practice.

I am back home on break from contemplative education. Now in the quiet relaxation and atmosphere of familiar faces the teachings sink in. My ego has burst I find, for the ability of observing myself through the projection of my friend's thoughts has been disabled. Especially my perception of that one in the red coat. He leaves me no curiosity, no corner of mind unseen.
The usual routine we all follow, finish our cigarettes then get out of the “fucking cold.” They're all over at my house so there should be nothing to stand in the way of that objective naturally. As my friends proceeded into my house some dawning of insight slowed me. I need a moment away from them, or red coat, or from the image I hold of myself in their presence. That which I once called “me” would change forever, as all things do.
It is fucking cold. I love it. The cold air breathes deep within and cleanses my lungs of tar. I become so empty and pure the breeze blows me into my front yard. Even through these shoes I can feel the chill of snow. Ever weightless and softer I must be. Allowing the cold to fuse with my veins and naturally slow all rhythms of energy. My mind will stir neither for the pain of cold or fear of losing breath. This is my moment. The cold wind runs it's fingernails up my skin then whispers in my ear, our name. The Tai Chi (means supreme ultimate.)
I begin the form without beginning, for it has always been in motion. I am only bringing my awareness to the subtlest of flows. The mysterious, the gateway to all that is subtle and wonderful. That very force that animates atomic forces is the same soul that I am. The same reason life exists at all is it's cause and destiny.
Emptiness in my mind and body pushes my consciousness beyond the limit of the visible universe. That emptiness I become echoes the harmony of the formed world. The Moment. The Qi.
At the deepest level of my ancestral karma, my mental pursuits, my cellular intentions, my immortal spirit I find it. What have I incarnated for? The Tao. That is all I am anymore. What cosmic force propels me to stroke the tail of the sparrow of eternity, in weather no sane human should be at peace in?
The ego of my mortal self chimes in with its suggestion to leave the cold. I transmute this idea by feeling the fear of death by cold against my fingertips. The pure life force of my immortal fingertips, rubbing against the sweeping frost of this concept of death. Each breath synchronizes the magnetism of the cells and nerves to accomplish the Tai Chi form with an elder's grace. I can feel the cold emptiness of Tao exhaling my last mortal breath. There is nothing lost when doubt is overcome forever. Fearlessness.
The ancestors within my loins are pleased the alchemy they so delicately cared for has accepted it's role as Tao. By the virtuous way of universal harmony the Immortality has come to be. It seems impossible chances and yet it happens because I choose for it. I renew my Bodhisattva vow to the Earth. I know when this body has accomplished it's Earth chosen, but heaven fueled mission I will return to tranquility within my impermanent cellular body. As my consciousness takes it's last journey through the neurons of this human treasure it will find itself reunited with the subtlest physical thing. The Breath. The Breath I will exhale will be that Immortal breath the Tao has protected. By the glory of the mysterious I will find something even more subtle and wonderful.
Back in my human body know, the visions and voices have calmed. A graceful aura of fresh chi moves along me. Returning into my house I find something that would terrify most mortals. Upon my the pads of my fingertips is literal Ice. I ask my friend to hold it, and he says it is cold but will be normal again soon. When he again senses it as “normal” I still feel as though it is frozen. This sensation remained for a day but the energy remains permanently altered. Some piece of nondual consciousness has been frozen into my fingertips. I know now I am a successful alchemist, and this is the story of the night I crystallized the spiritual experience into my hands forever.