Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dreaming to Look Deeper Into Waking Life

In a dream the settings and characters you encounter are created by associations in your mind that you may be conscious of or not. In the physical world, this is also what you are doing. The life you experience stems from the associations within yourself. Unlike the dream world you cannot instantly manifest what's in your mind, it comes at a slower pace because the Physical world is simply a denser vibration. What do I mean by a denser vibration? Well the dream state exists on a plane of subtle etheric energy, which perhaps manifests within the Physical world as electricity communicating with DNA. (check post Theory of Dreams for the explanation of Dream-DNA connection). So within your physical life you create ideas and desires in this subtle plane when you're thinking, and then expand them out into the slower vibration of of our Planet Earth.

One more theory. To anyone who has experienced a Lucid Dream state you find you can instantly create anything at all you can imagine. You have infinite energy and ability. Perhaps when the energy of our Universe existed in the point of singularity before big bang there was a single being of all our energies who lucid dreamed the physical world into existence.

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